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Meet the team...

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

We have had great fun (and a little stress!) setting up our new business and we were super pleased to hire out our first equipment over the Easter holidays. We have dabbled in many trades over the weeks including shopfitting, assembling boards, writing websites, advertising and even programming a till! I also seem to have spent an awful lot of time with a paintbrush in my hand! #signwriter

But anyway, here we are; JoJo, Mark and Wiggle the Dog - living the dream!

Mark is a keen surfer and can often be found on the beach, looking for that perfect wave. I prefer to bodyboard or bodysurf, but you never know, now we have these fantastic foamies this might be the year I catch my first green wave. Wiggle on the other hand is a pro surfer and spends a lot of time hanging ten on the front of Mark’s board - more to follow on her adventures in future posts!

JoJo :)

Photo credit: @Rawwphotographic

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